Encoding videos for LG Viewty KU990 on Linux


As I wrote here (in Bulgarian), the phone LG Viewty is great for watching your favorite music clips and TV shows. That is why I wrote a short script that can easily convert a video file in the suitable format. As far as I know, it should also work with the other phones in the series, but I will be glad if someone is able to test it.

Българска версия / Bulgarian version


To convert a file, you should run this command:

ffviewty „input_video_filename“ „target_video_filename“ [-w1|-w2|-w3|-w4]

Each of the optional codes at the end correspond to a video format. This is necessary so that the clip is not stretched. By default, the script will assume that the input file is in 4/3 format and will crop it down to 16/10. This is usually the case with music videos. Here are the other options, where the video is not cropped:

  • -w1 – 16/10 – some TV series and old movies
  • -w2 – 16/9 – most TV series
  • -w3 – 2.5/1 – most movies
  • -w4 – 4/3 – some music videos and all TV recordings
  • Installation

    The shell script requires mencoder. First, you should unpack the tar archive leaving the permissions intact.

    tar xvf ffviewty_11.tar

    The following like will copy the script to /usr/local/bin (for Ubuntu):

    sudo cp ffviewty /usr/local/bin

    If you are not on Ubuntu, then run this in a root console:

    cp ffviewty /usr/local/bin


    The script can be downloaded here.


    The script, as well as everything on this site, is under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 license. This loosely means that you can use, copy and distribute it freely, but I will love it if you put in a good word for me.


  • Command on the drop-down menu of video files
  • Additional options and custom configuration of video formats
  • Automatic detection of the input video format
  • GUI with settings, info and progress bar
  • Automatic detection of pluged Viewty and copying of the encoded file to the Videos folder
  • If you have any other ideas, suggestions or comments, please share them here.

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